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Early Access

Yup, we've decided to release the game Early Access. We are shooting for Witchkin to go live on Friday, October 13th. We made this decision because we've had such excellent feedback on the demo; we'd like to leverage that with the other levels, too. We have the greatest fans, and we really appreciate and value what you have to say!

The game is about 85% finished. We will be releasing 3 out of 4 levels: Trappy's Basement, Hook's 1st floor, and of course, Marcy's 2nd floor--the attic will remain a mystery until the full release. The game is far enough along that full release might happen by the end of the year, but right now there is still room for developmental changes as needed.

We promise this will not be one of those far too common scenarios where a game is released early access then sits there for years. We are eager (very eager!!) to get the completed game out. We hope you will support us in this endeavor. Thanks!

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