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The Game


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The Game

Witchkin is a first-person, single-player, PC horror game where you play as a child trapped in a Texas farmhouse filled with terrifying toys in the 1920s. Your goal is to search all the levels of the house, from the basement to the attic, to find your missing sister...and to stay alive.


The game is based on the Texas legend of the Candy Lady.

Witchkin is goreless horror.

There is no blood...just dread.

Evil toys are stalking you in an old black-and-white film...

The Candy Lady

The Candy Lady

The Woman

Clara Crane lived on a farm in a rural part of Texas with her husband, Leonard, and her daughter, Marcella.

Around 1893, her daughter who she affectionately called "Marcy" was killed in a farming accident, Clara blamed her husband who had been drunk at the time of the accident. 

In 1895, in her grief over her daughter's death, she murdered Leonard using poisoned caramel candies. She pled insanity and was incarcerated in a Texas asylum.

Due to overcrowding, the hospital released many patients who were considered low risk. Even though hospital records showed that Clara was somewhat delusional believing that a small doll she made was Marcy, and she had killed her husband, she was a perfectly polite and well-behaved patient so was released. Her crime was one of passion so there was very little concern that she would offend again. There is no record of her following this event.

In 1903, two children went missing in the small town Clara had called home before being committed to the hospital. Then some more children disappeared. 

This is where known facts end, and the story of The Candy Lady begins.

The Myth

Around the turn of the century, farmer kids on the outskirts of a small town in Texas would wake in the morning to find candy left on their bedroom window sills. The treats would be there some nights, but not others. After the sweets came many nights, or many months, they would eventually be accompanied by a note signed by "The Candy Lady.”


Two siblings from a local farm went missing. This was unheard of in the safe enclave of their small community, so people assumed the children were abducted by a drifter while at play. However, over the years, approximately eight children disappeared. Out of fear, children in town told their parents about the candy that had been left on their sills from someone called, "The Candy Lady." 


Other strange things happened, too. A farmer found the rotten teeth of a child in a candy wrapper on the edge of one of his fields. The sheriff who investigated the case went missing and was later found in a ditch with forks in his eyes. No one ever solved the mystery, but if you ask those who remember the missing children, they'll say, "The Candy Lady" got them. 


The Candy Lady has become a pervasive urban legend throughout the state of Texas. Her name is invoked as a bogey(wo)man who lures children to her home with candy then they are never heard from again.

The Witchkin

The Witchkin




2nd floor

The Candy Lady doesn't live alone,

she lives with her forever children, the Witchkin. 

 Each toy has its own unique stalking and capturing abilities, gameplay

changes for each enemy. 


1st floor

The Demo


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