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  • covenrachael

We love our name. Apparently, others do too. Just a quick PSA - we are not publishing a book and we do not have a new game releasing...yet. If you see another Coven Games out there please don't be confused. We're working on some projects we'll share once we are a little further along! Stay tuned here and on our social channels!

  • Coven Rachael

To celebrate our favorite time of year, we're offering a 60% discount on Witchkin during the Steam Halloween Sale! The game is just $3.99 until November 1st so get it now!

  • Coven Rachael

We're heading to DreamHack Austin tomorrow because Witchkin won a spot in the Indie Zone for the "Best Let's Play!" category! DreamHack is a worldwide phenomenon; we are so excited to be given the chance to participate!

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