We're launching Witchkin on Steam Thursday, January 11th!

The time has come to leave Early Access and graduate our little misfits; the Candy Lady's story is ready to be revealed!

The game will be available for $9.99 and we'll be offering a limited launch discount, so get it early!

  • Coven Rachael

Witchkin was selected for PAX Rising!

What is PAX Rising you ask? PR is a small collection of up-and-coming indie games that are chosen to exhibit in a special showcase at the massive gaming convention, PAX. We can't wait to share our little misfits with the PAX world January 12-14th!

  • Coven Rachael

We pushed the button! Witchkin is now available on Steam Early Access; head on over and get it now!

This feels like it has already been a long journey, and now we are starting down a new path. Exciting, definitely. Anxiety provoking, a little (OK, a lot). Thanks so much to everyone for your support; we couldn't have made it this far without you! :)

Witchkin on Steam

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