• Coven Rachael

We've been getting some attention from Let's Play YouTubers and Twitch streamers! We have been delighted to watch their reactions as they attempt to escape Marcy. We have a collection including videos from RaedwulfGamer, Kahuna Games, StrwbryShrtKate, and more. Stop by our YouTube page to check them out!

Coven Games - YouTube

  • Coven Rachael

We are excited to announce that we were Greenlit on Steam! It only took 2 short weeks because our fans are awesome! Thanks so much to everyone for your votes and support!

  • Coven Rachael

We are busy busy here at Coven Games! Not only did we launch our Kickstarter today, but we also submitted for Steam Greenlight! If you have a Steam account, please vote YES for Witchkin! :)

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